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Expertise Translations specializes in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in person or over the phone. Whether you are a multi-national company that needs an interpreter for a last minute meeting, a church holding services with an English speaking minister, or an immigrant who needs assistance with official documents or services, like getting a driver's license, we're there for you.


responsive12 red Localization is the process of translating the functional text that is displayed to the user on the screen of a computer monitor, phone or tablet so that the application can be used internationally. For example, when you download an app to your phone and choose the language in which the app should be installed, it means that the app has been previously translated to that language, i.e., localized.  


browser98 red We specialize in legal, technical and financial translations in English, Portuguese and Spanish. And no matter what format your document is delivered in, we make sure the original formatting is preserved. We work with international linguists who are native in the target language in order to guarantee that the final translation is as close as possible to the original version without losing its nuances.
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subtitles red Do you want to share your video with the world? Social media has made it possible to voice our opinions to a worldwide audience in minutes, but automated translations of subtitles are far from replacing the accuracy of a human being. And, no matter what the size of your business is, we make sure our subtitling services fit within your budget.